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Latex Gloves

Disposable latex gloves are now commonly used items in hospitals, laboratories and households. The Ansell Rubber Company was founded in Melbourne by a former Dunlop employee, Eric Ansell, in 1905. Initially it manufactured balloons and condoms, going on to manufacture the first household gloves in 1925. The first disposable surgical gloves were manufactured in 1964.

In 1945, Ansell designed and built the first automatic dipping machine that produced 300 dozen pairs of synthetic gloves in eight hours. Ansell introduced disposable surgical gloves in 1964 which won the company an Export Award in 1967. Further international expansion over the next two decades saw Ansell become the world's largest producer of latex gloves for household and medical use. The latex technique used in this remarkable development was a major Australian innovation. The Company became a member of the Pacific Dunlop group in 1969.

Eric Ansell

This biotech innovator has been closely associated with the development of this biotechnology innovation.

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